2020 was a dark and stormy year. Life as we knew it was ground to a halt. We had to pause, turn inward and reflect on what was truly important in our life. Family life at home became the center of it all and photographing that time together became more important than ever.  


The first quarter of the new decade year took off like a rocket. I had just celebrated our big Decade in Photographs, however, celebrations as we knew it were very soon recalibrated to become more intimate and spiritual. 

Throughout the lockdown, I explored different ways of creating images, post-production and book design. Yet the same driving spirit to create beautifully-lit photographic art burned as bright as ever. 

While it seemed we’d never come out of covid-19 lockdown mode, we did. Testing became the way towards gathering together. While this year seemed to feel like an alternate reality, once you view this collection you may even say this set of photographs was an alternate reality. There is color, vibrancy and verve captured in these photographs which was quite at odds with the darker zeitgeist of the moment – and that was my intention. I refused to let the pandemic affect the joy of living. Hope you enjoy this collection. We are almost on the other side and see the “light” up ahead in the coming months. See the Governor’s announcement here about the events industry resuming in March. Stay positive!
As always and more important than ever, huge thanks to everyone on our team – Adri Hidvegi, Nathaniel Johnston, Mike Reid, Bia Sampaio, Joe Spiteri, Mark Sweeney, Kali Ventresca and of course the wonder woman herself, my wife Gal. 




Special mention to Nathaniel Johnston for capturing our band Ultrasound at the Brooklyn Bowl filmed for our YouTube Thanksgiving Special – check it out here.  


I want to give a very special shout-out to my father-in-law Avram who turned 80 this year and showed our family the meaning of celebrating big milestones – love you Avram – you are a legend!