“Family portraits are the heart and soul of what we do”

Michael Jurick

Photographs of your family’s first decade are priceless

We understand how good it feels to play with your children. Dance, laugh and hug them. Look in their eyes… the wonder, the innocence. Those are the photographs we seek and will cherish forever.

Holiday Cards

Photographs are an amazing way to maintain connections with family and friends during the holidays. Take a few beautiful images from your portrait session and create a card you’ll be super proud of. Get creative, make a concept out of it, or just keep it simple. 

Central Park

As New Yorkers, we are lucky to have Central Park as one of our greatest treasures. Serene meadows, secret paths and iconic landmarks become the best movie set for your next photo shoot. 


Summers in New York are about getting out of the city, seeking sun & surf, let the warm sun kiss your skin. The beaches, towns, and hidden treasures of the Hamptons make it one of the most beautiful places to make photographs. 

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If you like what you see and what you are hearing from our messages, please let us know.  Let’s make some photo mojo together!


Family portraits & Holiday card sessions



Oliver & Sam | 2 Peas in a Pod

Oliver & Sam | 2 Peas in a Pod

Twins Oliver & Sam are nothing alike, yet can't live without each other. These two are in a class of their own and entertain us with their infections smiles and laughter. Spending the afternoon with these two is like a front row seat at the best comedy show in NYC!...

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