With the borders around the world opening up again, I’m sure some of you will be thinking about a journey. I can’t recommend Greece enough – it was beautiful beyond belief! I’ve been sitting on a treasure trove of colorful photographs captured in Greece that will really send your wanderlust into overdrive.

Mykonos was the crown jewel of celebrating life on earth. Raw beauty that words can’t truly capture and the feeling of euphoria breathing intoxicating Mediterranean air in a white and azure universe dappled with shadow and light.

Our island hoping setlist looked like this: Paros > Mykonos > Santorini. See the credits below for a few ideas to plan your trip.


Island of Paros: Hotel: Mr and Mrs White 

Tennis: Aegean Tennis Center

Biking / Hiking to Sunset Rocks: Paros Cycling Tour

Island of Mykonos

Hotel: Myconian Utopia Resort

Recommended Beach Club: Scorpios

Mykonos Private Concierge: Alexis Galanopoulos

Helicopter to Santorini:

 Airtaxi Network T:+30 210 996 7870 (24HRS) +30 6932205656

Santorini motor bikes: Book through your hotel – they are everywhere



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