Tuesday June 12, 1990


Arrived in Munich, arranged for a place to sleep. Of course it was raining which made things all the more enjoyable, not. Anyhow, our room was clean, and the shower was awesome (must be the German shower engineering)! When traveling, it’s the most important thing sometimes! We went into town to the Hofbrauhouse and got smashed on only 1 liter of beer. The beers are 3x stronger than normal beers and they serve you mugs 50x the size of normal ones.


The town looked exactly like Disney World & Epcot’s World Showcase. It almost looked fake. Munich is exceptionally clean and very modern.

The subway is hi-tech and ultra clean – unlike the sewer stench of Paris’s metro. After the thrashing we received after only 1 beer, we were all tired and went to bed at 7pm, earliest yet.

photo: WikiFlick


Wednesday June 13, 1990


Cloudy and cold again. Today, we went to the Deutsches Museum which explored the historical development of natural science, technology and industry. It was really interesting to see how man developed wind power and converted it into electricity; dug tunnels for subways; developed the automobile engine, airplane turbines, etc. It was a brainiac’s wet dream. Here’s a photo of the interior architecture:


photo: Christian Yushimoto


Afterward, the guys went back to the Hofbrauhouse again, but I didn’t drink and instead walked around on my own. Munich didn’t interest me much. It’s nice to look at, seems quaint enough, but I’m not sure I’d come back. On our way back to the hotel, we toured the 1972 Olympic Village. It was beautiful! Located in the most verdant park – and there were 15 gorgeous red clay tennis courts I was so fond of looking at! They were in terrific shape. It looks like the people of Germany really take care of their city. It’s spotless. The Olympic stadium looks super modern even though it was built 18 years ago. It looked like the future – like something from the movie Blade Runner.


photo: postcard


Another interesting observation: the majority of the people I’ve seen just passing by in the streets and on the subway were very old. Older than 65. I mean everyone was old. I rarely saw anyone my own age. The German language is filled with pronunciations that sound like your gargling mouthwash. Names like Sventlikerhooptnk Street seemed unnecessarily, ridiculously long.


I’m getting excited for the upcoming trip to the Greek Islands! I think that’s going to be the highlight of my trip. I picture the Mediterranean to be paradise on earth. So far, there has been no sun since we’ve been touring. I’m enjoying myself incredibly, but as a Floridian, I need a little sunshine!


I’m now on a train to Salzberg, Austria. My ancestors are from Austria. My grandfather on my mother’s side. We are only staying a few hours and then we’re off to Switzerland, supposedly the most scenic place on earth. I’m ready! Foot note about Munich: VERY expensive! I spent money faster here than in Paris! Everyone has either a BMW or Mercedes – even taxi drivers.


HDR photo by Trey Ratcliff, Stuck In Customs