Family Portraits

I first met and photographed Morgan back when she was just a cub, so capturing her Bat Mitzvah was especially sweet. It is fitting to deliver this blog tribute to her on her 13th birthday today.


Morgan is beautiful and full of poise. She is sassy, classy and fun. On her big night, there was a slight wardrobe malfunction. However, rather than panic Morgan was cool as a cucumber and rocked the first part of her pre-party portraits with grace and poise…in her swag.


Her positive energy radiated out into the night and together with her family and surrounded by her friends and joined onstage for a rockin’ set by the amazing SHAGGY, we celebrated Morgan’s fabulous Bat Mitzvah that left us wanting MOR!


Mazel Tov Morgan and Happy Birthday – you are a shining star!





Producer: Melissa Rosenbloom and Gourmet Advisory 

Event Design: Jennifer Gould

Venue: The Brooklyn Museum

Entertainment: MC Dan Fischer and Total Entertainment

Cocktail hour: SMORgansburg

Photographers: Michael Jurick, Nathaniel Johnston, Kali Ventresca



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