Wed June 27, 1990


I’ve never been so excited to actually sit down and write about my day as I am right now. Try and picture this… about 6:30pm, the sun is about to set on the horizon of the Mediterenean, we have an unbelievably gorgeous hotel on top of one of the most beautiful islands off the coast of Italy, 2 hours south of Rome. THE ISLAND OF CAPRI!!!


I’m now on the balcony overlooking of the most panoramic views of a coastline one could possibly imagine. All along the mountain coast is lined with violet flowers and verdant trees. Off to my right, is the quaint little seaport of Capri and off to my left and over the trees, I can see the mountainous coastline. of Naples. In the foreground, there are 200 foot tall grotto coves…WOW is all I can say! I’m telling you, the sights just get more and more beautiful the further south we go.


Soon after arriving at this island paradise, I was diving off small cliffs into crystal clear blue waters (yes, that’s me).


I had no idea Capri was this beautiful, but what an incredible joy – especially coming from the old dusty dirt binge city of Rome. Actually, Rome wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t that pleasant.


Here’s a great perspective from photographer Enrico De Vita


Traveling to the Island of Capri from Rome was by far the best decision ever.



My sketch drawing of the sunset from our balcony