Things got absolutely wild at the legendary Pierre in NYC. Additionally, check out the beautiful fashion shoot photographs captured in Central Park. Scroll to see Chloe’s 13th birthday cake – or rather cakes. She didn’t get a 13th birthday cake – she got 13 birtkday CAKES!


Chloe’s Bat Mitzvah party was a beautiful and elegant event held at the Pierre Hotel in New York City. The party was designed by Larry Scott Events (@lawrencescottevents), and it featured stunningly creative décor, delicious food, and plenty of dancing.


The party was held in the Grand Ballroom of the renovated Pierre Hotel, and it was decorated with the greatness of a “Larry Party.”  The color palette was pink, white and gold.


The dancing at the party was non-stop, and the DJ kept the guests entertained all night long. There was a variety of music to choose from, including pop, rock, and hip hop. The guests danced the night away, and they had a lot of fun.


Chloe and her guests had a wonderful time celebrating her Bat Mitzvah party at the Pierre. The party was beautiful, elegant, and fun. Chloe is a beautiful young woman, and she is a wonderful role model for other girls. She is smart, kind, and compassionate, and she is sure to do great things in her life. Chloe – you were the most amazing Bat Mitzvah girl! Mazel Tov!



  • Event Design: Larry Scott Events (@lawrencescottevents)
  • Catering: MTM Events (@mtmevents)
  • Lighting: Fusion Lighting Productions (@fusionlightingproductions)
  • Photography: Michael Jurick Photography (@michaeljurick)
  • Videography: Jack Light Productions (@jacklightproductions)


If you are planning a Bat Mitzvah party, be sure to check out these vendors. They did a wonderful job with Chloe’s party, and they are sure to help you create a beautiful and memorable event for your daughter.



From inside Larry Scott’s imagination, we were blessed with a fantastic  “Alice in Wonderland” whimsical wonderland for Chloe’s party at the Pierre


Check out some of the highlights from this beautiful party below…