RANGEFINDER is one of my favorite photography magazines. When the editor contacted me to help contribute to their December 2012 Holiday Card feature, I was so excited! I had collaborated with my client and friends, the Roth Family to make the most original holiday card of the year.

Rangefinder loved the concept and asked how we came up with the idea and asked for a little backstory:


From the client:
I knew that I wanted to do an indoor shoot after we had done 2 years outdoors. I wanted to have a white back ground in a controlled setting. I wanted the images to be about the subject and not the surroundings. I love how the images pop on the white.


We had so many great shots from this session, but for these cards, I wanted them all to be somewhat close up and full smiles. I felt that they were festive for a holiday card.


The kids really did have a great time during this shoot. We had the dance music blasting and their spirit really shines in the photo’s.


From Michael


The card arrives in the mail as a small envelope that looks like a deck of cards. You open it up and it’s actually a deck of cards – of the family!!!


The shots are the images I captured for them in the studio. The card maker turned the little one into the “Queen”, son was the “King”, and the oldest was the “Ace.” Completing the deck of cards were “2 Jokers” (Mom and Dad) to make a full Roth “House.” Happy Holidays!


Rangefinder December 2012 feature on holiday cards by top New York Photographer Michael Jurick