Wall Art & Books

We are firm believers that your beloved photographs should cross the digital divide from megabytes to megabeautiful. When you fall in love with an image, it becomes deeply personal and you’ll love your space even more with a precious memory proudly displayed. Once we capture your defining moment, you will want to showcase it on your wall. Michael will personally consult with you to ensure your space is measured, your photograph professionally installed, and ultimately treasured as a gorgeous work of art.

We promise to deliver the most luxurious storybook – an everlasting heirloom that transports you back to relive the greatest moments of your life. These are artisan-finished, hand-crafted books elevated to the level of fine-art. Your tale is told as you unfold the pages, each panel is a story within a story – your memories wrapped in the finest leather or museum-grade acrylic or metal, or many other fabulous fabrics. It’s a bounty to choose from – and the entire process of producing the book is fun – it connects us and brings us full circle from our first meeting to the final finished product.


I just got the wedding album - it's just stunning! I've never seen a book like this. Really so awesome - thank you so much!!
Lucy & Brandon
I just came home to Robert’s album! Holy Moly. It’s gorgeous!!! It really captured the night - it’s perfect and beautiful!
Jenn & Jay
I just received our book and there are no words! It is absolutely gorgeous and a memory that will last a lifetime!
Amy & Mitchell
Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! I can't believe how amazing the book is - we LOVE it!
Grier & Tristana
The photo book is unbelievable! You are fantastic!!! It’s really a work of art! Beautiful! So thrilled with the outcome! You captured every moment! Thank you!
Rachel & David
I just came home to the MOST FABULOUS package!!! I could not imagine what was in this incredibly wrapped box…
OMG. The album is so spectacular!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
Meg & David
Tara Stein was blown away by the pictures/artwork on Dougs CDs that Michael made for us. …we were one of Michaels first clients!
Doug & Sari
Looking at our photographs from this past summer made us realize and appreciate the gift of a beautiful family, a beautiful day and a beautiful world. Michael has a way of making us feel at ease and made the kids laugh even more.
Ashu & Vinayak
The albums are sick!!! Honestly we've never seen anything like them! Thank you so so so much!!!! You are so right--they are time machines :)
Mark & Lisa
These photographs are beautiful! We feel so happy, proud and can't believe how lucky we are!
Pam & Mark