Michael Jurick’s 2016 Year in Pictures

Michael Jurick’s 2016 Year in Pictures


The joy of LIFE is to celebrate moments and milestones with friends and family. However, the frenetic pace of everyday life makes it difficult to slow down and relish the wonderful bliss that true family bonding brings. That is why I work so hard towards the finish line of each year - to celebrate my year end vacation.
Laughing at silly jokes, playing sports with the kids, or simply sitting next to the one you love as you watch a sunset - those are the precious little things in life that matter and are remembered. Those are the times that you want to hold onto forever.
Photographs tell so much more than the moment alone. They unfold generational stories for your families to treasure again and again. When I began this blog nearly 16 years ago, I intended to create a visual record of my life. It continues to be just that - yet so much more. Each year a new chapter unfolds, new family connections are made, new friends are created and new stories are told. Let's rewind 2016 with a look back to the adventure, art, and meaningful memories that shaped the year. Enjoy!


This summer, Gal and I had the unbelievable experience of photographing families on their spiritual journey to Israel. We spent the entire month of August living in Israel to document the holiest rite of passage. We didn't really know what to expect - it's not easy to pick up and move to another country, but words really can't describe the experience. It was one of the most fulfilling journeys of our life. Here are some of the moments that were especially touching...

heart-shaped cloud in Israel

You can feel the power of love in Israel. This image was captured at sunset when we first arrived.

22-2016-rewind 23-2016-rewind 24-2016-rewind 25-2016-rewind

One of our first assignments - a mother/son b'nai mitzvah - how special!

27-2016-rewind 28-2016-rewind 29-2016-rewind 30-2016-rewind 31-2016-rewind 32-2016-rewind 33-2016-rewind 34-2016-rewind 35-2016-rewind


I realized a long-held dream in 2016 - to birth a fine art collection. Infrared was a huge success! It was an incredible night that truly radiated creativity and art in every way! My deepest heartfelt thank you to Harriette Rose Katz and Melissa Rosenbloom for believing in this work and believing in the spirit of collaboration. What a thrill to collaborate with my artist/designer friends in The Chosen Few - thank you to Jennifer and Marco at Stone Kelley Events, Frank Alexander, Jennifer Gould, Anthony Taccetta, Pat James and Glenn Jacinto from PatGlenn Productions, and Dejuan Stroud. Huge thank you to Beth Banker, Perry Brocco at The Glasshouses, Marc Jason from Total Entertainment, Peter Markowitz and Serge from Frost Productions (the lighting was exquisite), and Matt Miller Events, Trisha Stern, Melissa Rosenbloom and Claudia Warner and their team at Gourmet Advisory. I'd also like to thank John O' Connor from Guiding the Shift and Jessica Arisohn and Rysia Murphy Arisohn & Murphy who helped shape the show from seed to execution. Loving thanks to my incredible wife Gal whose support and vision are my greatest source of strength!


The beautiful invitation designed by Fancy That

19-2016-rewind Harriette Rose Katz, President & Founder of The Chosen Few, Presents: Michael Jurick's INFRARED Harriette Rose Katz, President & Founder of The Chosen Few, Presents: Michael Jurick's INFRARED
Melissa Rosenbloom, Claudia Warner, Harriette Rose Katz, Tricia Stern, Michael Jurick== Harriette Rose Katz, President & Founder of The Chosen Few, Presents: Michael Jurick's INFRARED== 545 W 25th St, NYC== May 16, 2016==

Please visit the home of my fine art work here at michaeljurick.com - and check out the installation space at 641 Lexington Ave. b/w 54th/55th in the lobby of Alchemy Investment Partners where my fine art infrared photographs are currently on display.


The fashion/sports shoot is a huge part of the Mitzvah coming of age experience. We take this part of the story to the next level and aim to capture heirloom-era photographs which ultimately become fine art for your home. We scout the hippest locations and hollywood-light the set. Our fashion and sports shoots are the gold-standard.

37-2016-rewind 38-2016-rewind 39-2016-rewind 40-2016-rewind 41-2016-rewind 42-2016-rewind 43-2016-rewind 44-2016-rewind 45-2016-rewind 46-2016-rewind 47-2016-rewind 48-2016-rewind 49-2016-rewind 50-2016-rewind 51-2016-rewind 54-2016-rewind 55-2016-rewind 56-2016-rewind 57-2016-rewind 58-2016-rewind 59-2016-rewind 60-2016-rewind 61-2016-rewind 62-2016-rewind 63-2016-rewind 64-2016-rewind 65-2016-rewind img_1987-2016-09-11-hallie-g-fashionaaa 66-2016-rewind 67-2016-rewind


I am wonderstruck each time I walk into a room designed by the very best artists in the industry. I have to pinch myself when I aim the camera around the room to capture the incredible details. So much color and creativity goes into each vignette, each story, each created set-piece. Thank you to all the artist who transform a room into a portal of party goodness.

77-2016-rewind 79-2016-rewind 76-2016-rewind 78-2016-rewind 80-2016-rewind 008-2016-02-27-grace-c-bm-room-details 81-2016-rewind 90-2016-rewind img_5866-2016-01-30-ally-a-bmab 82-2016-rewind 83-2016-rewind 85-2016-rewind


What could be better than going to a party each time you go to work? Not much. That's why we work hard to make your parties look incredible, because after the lights go down, our photographs are all that remain. They are your time machine transporting you back to the night of your life.

87-2016-rewind 102-2016-rewind 100-2016-rewind img_0414-2016-10-22-jared-r-bm-teasersaab 97-2016-rewind 98-2016-rewind 99-2016-rewind 101-2016-rewind 103-2016-rewind 94-2016-rewind 104-2016-rewind


69-2016-rewind 72-2016-rewind 73-2016-rewind 74-2016-rewind 75-2016-rewind


2016 took Gal and I on many adventures, some quite exotic. From rhum plantations in Martinique, to real life rodeos in Montana, to unforgettable birthday parties on Lake Como, to the hippest neighborhoods in the Florentine district of Tel Aviv to the jungles of Costa Rica. I always have my camera on me, so capturing beautiful landscapes and breathtaking locations is part of the fun.

03-2016-rewind 04-2016-rewind 05-2016-rewind img_2291-2016-08-15-israel-august-2016aa 06-2016-rewind 07-2016-rewind 08-2016-rewind 09-2016-rewind 10-2016-rewind 11-2016-rewind 12-2016-rewind 13-2016-rewind 14-2016-rewind 15-2016-rewind 16-2016-rewind


Sometimes after narrowing down hundreds of thousands of photographs, a few speak to me in ways that are unique. Some are lighting related, some are the powerful connections between two people, and some are just outright fun.

105-2016-rewind 106-2016-rewind 107-2016-rewind 108-2016-rewind 70-2016-rewind 110-2016-rewind 109-2016-rewind


A deep heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone on our team, our families and friends who helped shape the business and our life in 2016. Cheers to a fresh new year filled with many good times, laughter and lots of color!



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Another "Time Machine" book delivered faster than you can say "Ali". This beautiful creation is hand-crafted in white patent leather with a crushed velvet accent stripe and the invitation cut into the cover. Spectacular!
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Now THAT'S a party! Shout out to Marc Jason and Total Entertainment for this epic Parachute Tee Shirt Drop from the rafters of The Armory. What a way to bring the 3rd set of a BM dance party to new heights, literally.

Gourmet Advisory Services
DeJuan Stroud, Inc.
Alpine Creative Group

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Michael Jurick Photography updated their cover photo.

Now on the Blog: Vinayak's Bollywood Bash at Lavo!
See all the color here: goo.gl/L8uXk6
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We’re feeling the summer vibes from this photo by #HRKChosenFew member @michaeljurick of a 50th birthday bash at the Museum of Natural History 🐋🌊☀️ #eventdesign #eventprofs #brooklynmuseum #eventplanning #lighting #photography #nyc #nycevents

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Michael Jurick Photography is with Jessica Bayes Lippman at Diamond Horseshoe At the Paramount Hotel.

Almost 10 years ago, Sophia's smile shone brighter than the sun on Scott Cameron beach in the Hamptons. Fast-forward a decade and now her star power grew in magnitude to light up Times Square. See the transformation and her incredible Bat Mitzvah - Now On Blog:


with Victoria Dubin Events, Bob Conti,
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Michael Jurick Photography added 12 new photos to the album: Hello Dolly Opening Night — at NYPL The New York Public Library.

Congratulations Frank Alexander Salaris for creating a gorgeous spring palette for the #HelloDolly opening night with Bette Midler at the NYPL The New York Public Library last night. Here's a few photographs I captured to document the evening.
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Congratulations @[100000191235947:2048:Frank Alexander] for creating a gorgeous spring palette for the #HelloDolly opening night with Bette Midler at the @[21557622350:274:NYPL The New York Public Library] last night. Here's a few photographs I captured to document the evening.

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Congratulations @[100000191235947:2048:Frank Alexander] for creating a gorgeous spring palette for the #HelloDolly opening night with Bette Midler at the @[21557622350:274:NYPL The New York Public Library] last night. Here's a few photographs I captured to document the evening.

Michael Jurick Photography is at Pier Sixty, The Lighthouse & Current.

From little baby to "whoah baby"! Devyn, the unstoppable dancing machine and her amazing Golden Bat Mitzvah is now On the Blog: goo.gl/EMTa8P

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